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Presmoke thoughts:

I have high expectations for this original release Tatuaje Anarchy from 2010. I’m an everyday fan of Tatuaje cigars across the board, and this cigar is known to be good. Only having been released in small quantities for one shop in 2010, it’s easily one of the rarest cigars I possess.  This is the original and, as far as I know, only release of the Anarchy, and it’s the only Anarchy I have. Tatuaje followed up a few years after the original with the similarly named “Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse”, a similar cigar with slightly different dimensions and a reversed band color scheme.




This Tatuaje Anarchy is beautiful. The pigtail is cartoon-like in its proportions, appearing as though it may be wider in diameter than the cigar itself. The wrapper is a beautiful dark, espresso colored wrapper, peppered with a maze of veins so low-profile that I can see them but not feel them.  At the foot it tapers down slightly to a diameter I would ballpark as being in the mid-upper 40s, down slightly from the rest of it likely being just above 50. The band on this original release is black with a red anarchy logo, and contains “Tatuaje” in an embossed font, flanking each side of the red logo. The band is very smooth, and I would guess at one point quite oily. It looks like it’s not as shiny as it likely once was, but it’s still quite beautiful.




This thing smells delicious. Mostly earthy, but a strong cocoa smell at the foot. The cold draw — after a very nervous cutting of the pigtail top — is more of a dark chocolate taste. Think a bar of 90% Lindt dark chocolate. There’s a hint of sweetness. I’m planning on pairing this with water right now, but I have a feeling coffee will go well so I am heating up some water as a precaution.




  • Cigar Brand: Tatuaje
  • Cigar NameAnarchy
  • FactoryMy Father Cigars S.A.
  • Country of OriginNicaraguan
  • WrapperEcuadorian Habano
  • BinderNicaraguan
  • FillerNicaraguan
  • VitolaToro/Salomon
  • Length: 6″
  • Ring Gauge54
  • CostNot sure, I received this in a trade. Looks like it was originally around $10.
  • Where purchasedReceived in a trade.
  • StrengthMedium
  • SmokedApril 5th, 2015 (Easter)
  • WhereHome
  • WhenEvening
  • OccasionEaster, I guess?
  • MealI think just a couple of Quest bars
  • WhereHome
  • Drink Pairing: Water at first, then a light roast Yirgacheffe coffee from Colectivo
  • LinkHalfwheel review from when it was released



First Third:

I went a bit conservative on lighting this Tatuaje Anarchy, using a single-flame Xikar and only lighting a small portion of the foot. Despite that, this cigar roared to life as a chimney and as a flavor powerhouse. It gives off a decent amount of smoke when set down, but immediately after taking a draw there is an absurd amount of smoke both in my mouth and pouring from the cigar. The flavors are very strong. If this Tatuaje Anarchy has dulled down or become mild at all in the last 5 years, I am amazed.


The draw is perfect. Absolute perfection.

There’s a solid undertone of earth tastes present, but the main flavor star is spice. Slightly spicy, but more like an enjoyably complex Indian dish than one that simply burns out your taste buds with strong spice — no real pepper tastes to speak of. This is fantastic.

The retrohale is very smooth through the nose, and mostly a slightly sweet cocoa taste.


I’m a half hour in and this Tatuaje Anarchy is a very slow burning cigar. I’m trying to keep my draws slow because I typically smoke too quickly, causing the cigar to get too hot. On a cigar like this where I likely won’t get the opportunity to smoke it again, I want to do it justice the first time. At this rate it’s going to be around 2 hours in total, which is about double the time I normally like my cigars.

Towards the end of the first third I decided to put the water aside and brew the coffee. I ground up some light roast Yirgacheffe beans from Colectivo coffee and throw it in my Chemex. Great choice as it’s incredibly flavorful because it’s a light roast, and it’s not competing with the cigar. A great compliment to each other.


At the end of the first third I was browsing through this site’s comments that are picked off by the spam filter, and laughed so hard at one that I knocked the cigar against the ashtray and dropped its ash. Oh well, it was going so strong for the first third. We’ll see if that continues.


Second Third:

Entering the second third things have toned down. Much less a flavor bomb than it was in the first third. It’s just a muted earth taste with maybe a little nuttiness to it. Not strong, not complex, and not very interesting.

A bit into the second third the flavor comes back slightly. It’s burning a little quicker though the smoke output has decreased. The flavors are pretty much limited to a slightly sweet earth which, while decent enough, is a bit boring.


Problem found! I notice the cigar was having a real hard time burning strong. The smoke output continued to decrease and it didn’t look like the burn line was going down much. I knocked off the ash and found it was tunneling pretty bad. I think that was the problem I was experiencing, so I’ve touched it up with the lighter in an effort to bring it back to life — and that works nicely. Stronger flavors of semi-sweet cocoa with that same earthy note under it. Would it be terrible for me to make a comment about resurrecting a cigar on Easter?

The end of the second third keeps the sweeter side intact and morphs into a baking spice taste with maybe a gingerbread angle. I’m not letting the ash build up for more than an inch at a time and that seems to be helping to keep this Tatuaje Anarchy from tunneling again. The baking spice seems to be short lived as it starts to wind down after only 3 or 4 draws.


Final Third:

The baking spice shows its head occasionally, but it’s brief and doesn’t last long enough to enjoy it. I’m unfortunately at a point where I’m just kind of eagerly waiting for this cigar to be over. It’s been an hour and 50 minutes and I want it dead. It’s too rare for me to put it out early though, and I need to see it through to the end in case there’s something worth enjoying towards the end.  I’m using a lighter every few draws because it constantly tries to extinguish itself.


It didn’t get better. I’m down to the last inch and I let it go. The final third had moments where it was good, but was overwhelmingly lackluster.



It’s a windy day so I think that played a role in some of the burn problems. I don’t, however, think that was the cause of the tunneling. The cigar did not want to stay lit for most of the second third and all of the final third, and there’s no way the wind could have caused all of that.


Final Thoughts:

Big letdown past the first third. The Tatuaje Anarchy started out very strong and the first third held a ton of promise. Unfortunately, that tapered off very quickly and the rest of the cigar was mediocre at best. I came in with high hopes, but even if I hadn’t this would not have been a very enjoyable cigar. I was looking forward to loving it and trying to seek out more, but I certainly won’t be spending any time locating another. If I came across one I would smoke it again to see whether this is consistent, but that’s the extent of my interest in this cigar. This may be my first Tatuaje that I didn’t at least enjoy most of. Whether that’s because it’s 5 years old or not I don’t know.

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