Presmoke thoughts:

I have high expectations for this original release Tatuaje Anarchy from 2010. I’m an everyday fan of Tatuaje cigars across the board, and this cigar is known to be good. Only having been released in small quantities for one shop in 2010, it’s easily one of the rarest cigars I possess.  This is the original and, as far as I know, only release of the Anarchy, and it’s the only Anarchy I have. Tatuaje followed up a few years after the original with the similarly named “Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse”, a similar cigar with slightly different dimensions and a reversed band color scheme.




This Tatuaje Anarchy is beautiful. The pigtail is cartoon-like in its proportions, appearing as though it may be wider in diameter than the cigar itself. The wrapper is a beautiful dark, espresso colored wrapper, peppered with a maze of veins so low-profile that I can see them but not feel them.  At the foot it tapers down slightly to a diameter I would ballpark as being in the mid-upper 40s, down slightly from the rest of it likely being just above 50. The band on this original release is black with a red anarchy logo, and contains “Tatuaje” in an embossed font, flanking each side of the red logo. The band is very smooth, and I would guess at one point quite oily. It looks like it’s not as shiny as it likely once was, but it’s still quite beautiful.




This thing smells delicious. Mostly earthy, but a strong cocoa smell at the foot. The cold draw — after a very nervous cutting of the pigtail top — is more of a dark chocolate taste. Think a bar of 90% Lindt dark chocolate. There’s a hint of sweetness. I’m planning on pairing this with water right now, but I have a feeling coffee will go well so I am heating up some water as a precaution.



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