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Presmoke thoughts:

Paul Stulac Ghost

I see these Paul Stulac smokes in only two places: one of my local stores, and Paul Stulac’s instagram feed. A couple months back I picked up the Paul Stulac Ghost Maduro Toro on a whim to give the brand a try. The B&M I picked this up from is regularly saying good things about the brand so we’ll see whether it’s my kind of smoke.

It’s a very breezy day so we’ll see whether that proves to be problematic.

2014-07-07 18.27.45



2014-07-07 18.28.15

It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve smoked. There’s a really gnarly vein running up the side and into the cap. Where it ends about an inch and a half from the foot isn’t seamless and sticks out and away from the cigar.

My B&M has these marked as Maduros which was surprising because at first glance those wrappers look really light.

2014-07-07 18.25.26



2014-07-07 18.34.29

I find this cigar to be very grassy on the nose cold. A little hay. Almost a Playdough scent.

VERY sweet cold draw. Not in a flavored or infused way, but as though this has been in a grocery bag with unopened Kool-aid packets. The backend of the cold draw has that grassy taste as well.

2014-07-07 18.34.39


  • Cigar Brand: Paul Stulac
  • Cigar NameGhost
  • Factoryn/a
  • Country of OriginNicaragua
  • WrapperEcuadorian Habano
  • Bindern/a
  • Fillern/a
  • VitolaToro
  • Length6″
  • Ring Gauge58
  • Cost$9.00
  • Where purchasedMain Street Cigars in Medford, NJ
  • StrengthMedium-Full
  • Smoked2014-07-07
  • WhereHome
  • When: ~6:30pm
  • Occasionn/a
  • Mealn/a
  • Wheren/a
  • Drink PairingDiet Coke
  • Linkhttp://www.paulstulaccigars.com/cigars.html


First Third:

2014-07-07 18.48.27

The first couple pulls are strong with a really bright grass taste. It’s not my preferred taste but it’s not bad. The back end of each pull leaves a faint citrus taste in my mouth. Not a sweet citrus but a slightly bitter one.

The retro gives darker flavors, bordering on dark cocoa or chocolate.

I’m getting light brownie smells alternating with cedar. It’s hard to smell this cigar because of the wind, but what I do smell I like.

2014-07-07 18.49.54

The first inch I can only describe as very bright, grassy, and floral. Definitely not bad, but so far it’s not my preference.

Closing out the first third the flavor changes quickly, almost abandoning everything prior. It morphs into a slightly sweet wood taste, which is significantly more in line with what I enjoy. In fact, at the end of the first third this is – – while subtle in flavor – – really enjoyable!


Second Third:

2014-07-07 19.10.19

The ash held on for the entire first third. Respectable build quality showing in the ash. I’m surprised (pleasantly) that the long-running vein hasn’t caused any problems with the burn and it’s burning with minimal waves even in this wind.

The strength feels like it’s picking up slightly in the second third. It was maybe less than a medium in the rolling meadows of the first third but has moved just above a medium now. I’m hoping it stays closer to a medium as I didn’t read about this cigar prior, don’t know what strength is typical, and I’m not really in the mood for a full strength smoke right now (aka ever).

2014-07-07 19.10.23

The second third becomes slightly sweeter but still nicely balanced with the wood taste. We’ve gone from the Southern third (coincidentally) of Wisconsin that’s mostly farm land, to the northern 2/3 that’s forest. I’m definitely ok with this.

The retro is extremely enjoyable, with no burn, no spice, and no pepper. A very mellow sweetness. It’s a rich sweetness too. Not in your face but a complex and deep sweetness.

Again, the ash is hanging on for a little more than an inch and a half at a time. The smell is fantastic despite the low smoke output (considering I smoked that Feral Flying Pig this weekend…) at least off the cigar itself. There’s no shortness of smoke when I inhale. I really wish the wind would go away so I could get more of the smell more often, it’s really nice.

Nearing the end of the second third this thing decided to punch me in the head by stepping up its strength. Uh oh.

2014-07-07 19.16.08


Final Third:

2014-07-07 19.33.33

The final stays fairly consistent with the second third. The flavor stays at a slightly sweet wood which I enjoyed. The retro continued to stay mellow and sweet and I loved it.

The strength stays on the fuller side but doesn’t become too strong for me, which was great.

2014-07-07 19.39.16



Good. I was surprised that the vein running up the side didn’t cause any problems and, instead, it burned quite nicely for almost the entire stick.


Final Thoughts:

I’ll almost certainly buy another one of these Ghosts, as well as try another member of the Paul Stulac lineup. While the first third of this cigar wasn’t to my preference, the rest of the cigar was quite enjoyable. The price point is a little higher than I’d like on this particular cigar, but given the build quality I’m looking forward to seeing how the other cigars in his lineup compare.

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