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Presmoke thoughts:

I hadn’t seen these before. I was in Holts a month or two ago and saw they had the San Cristobal lanceros, so I picked them up assuming I won’t see them again. I have a San Cristobal of some sort in my coolerador but haven’t smoked it yet, so this will be my first experience with San Cristobal.



The construction isn’t great on this San Cristobal lancero. Not terrible, but not great. Some gaps in the seams and there’s a fairly prominent vein running down the backside. I’m hoping that won’t cause any burn issues since it runs from at least the band down to an inch above the foot.



I get a weird cold draw taste. Nutty but strange. Almost tastes how yeast smells. I grew up around Milwaukee and anytime you drove into Milwaukee you’d smell the yeast from the breweries. The cold draw on this tastes like that smelled. Weird. On the nose I get a great spice, along the lines of cinnamon. Loving the start to this, at weird as it is.



  • Cigar BrandSan Cristobal
  • Cigar NameSan Cristobal
  • FactoryMy Father
  • Country of OriginNicaragua
  • WrapperNicaraguan Corojo
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • FillerNicaraguan
  • VitolaLancero
  • Length7.5”
  • Ring Gauge38
  • CostI don’t remember, but I think it was around $10/11
  • Where purchasedHolts on Walnut
  • StrengthMedium to full, though only the first third was on the fuller side.
  • Smoked2014-05-10
  • WhereBackyard
  • When1:30pm
  • OccasionIt’s Saturday and SkyMotion says no rain for next 120 minutes
  • MealLeft over pizza
  • WhereFarm and Fisherman
  • Drink PairingMexican PBR (Modelo Especial)
  • LinkI can’t find an official link, so here’s HalfWheel’s review




First Third:

The retro has some definite pepper on it. Not normal pepper though, more like a white pepper. That subsides after the first half inch or so thankfully, and the retro becomes earthy with a little pepper still in the background. The flavors are kind of bouncing around, but mostly also on the earthy side with some dry, nutty tastes scattered throughout.


After the first ash I run into some slight burn problems. Not with the line as much as just keeping it burning. The smoke output drops to almost zero and after a good amount of cigar CPR we’re back in action — not without prematurely ashing all over my self. I guess whatever spot I hit in this guy was a construction issue based on the burn and the weak ash.

Granted I haven’t had a ton to eat today, only a few slices of leftover pizza, but I’m already thinking this is on the fuller side in strength. Wowza. My fingers are crossed this sucker mellows out on strength or I’ll be crawling inside later.


At the end of the first third I ditch the ash before getting ashed on again and the flavor changes to mostly leather and tobacco, with some of that dry nuttiness and cedar in the background. It’s ok, but I’m not in love.

Second Third:

This cigar is burning quickly. Before I really notice I’m already halfway into the second third. It’s staying fairly similar to the end of the first third, with mostly leather and tobacco flavors present. I notice a slight meatiness to it, but it’s subtle. None of these are flavors that I personally love, at least not in the combination I’m getting.

The burn has been better and I haven’t had much problem in keeping it burning with a healthy smoke output. At the end of the second third I get some bread-like flavors which is an improvement for me. The strength has definitely tapered off since the first third and is sitting comfortably at a medium strength through the second third.


Final Third:

The final third continues the disappointment for me. It’s more of the second third without a ton of variety, and the flavors that aren’t present just aren’t my cup of tea. Now, none of them are necessarily bad but it’s just like the first third — ok, but I’m not in love.


Halfway through the final third I’m starting to look forward to this smoke being done and it’s at that point I decide to let it go. Having just moved, I have way too much stuff to do around the house to be wasting time on a smoke I’m not enjoying.



The burn was wacky and problematic in the first third. The vein I saw earlier was something to be aware of as it burned like a stick and caused some ashing issues throughout. None of it was terrible but it’s certainly something I wish hadn’t been there.

Final Thoughts:

Meh. That’s about all I have for this cigar. A solid “meh”. It wasn’t bad, but it was far from great. Not only would I certainly not buy another, but I’m not sure I would smoke one if someone gifted it to me. I have one more in the coolerdor that I’ll probably smoke at some point to see whether there’s any change, but needless to say I’m not in a hurry. Too many really good lanceros out there to recommend anyone buying this one in my opinion.

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