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Cigar BrandRocky Patel
Cigar NameFusion
Country of OriginHonduras
WrapperEcuador Sumatra
FillerDominican, Nicaraguan
Ring Gauge52
CostUnsure, received in bomb. Retails for around $8/each but can drop to ~$4/each easily in bulk.
Where purchasedn/a
StrengthMedium-Full, but increasing closer to full towards last third
Meal: n/a
Drink PairingDiet A&W Rootbeer
LinkThere’s no mention of the Rocky Patel Fusion on his official page, so here’s a link to CI


Presmoke thoughts:

I don’t have a ton of experience with Rocky Patel cigars. The last one  I smoked (I believe it was a 1992, but may have been the 1990) was really enjoyable though, so I’m hoping that continues with this Rocky Patel Fusion. Everything I read about Rocky himself makes me want to be a strong supporter of his cigars, but I just haven’t been able to totally lock down which ones exactly are to my taste.


My understanding is the Fusion is a blend of the 1990 and the 1992. Given how much I enjoyed whichever of those I had, my hope is that I’ll also enjoy this.



This is a pretty lumpy smoke. The seams are pretty tight and low key, but it’s very bumpy. No obvious hard or soft spots.




The smell on this cigar is a very earthy chocolate. A little too earthy for my preference, but not terrible. The cold draw is a very strong and delicious chocolate and coffee. That’s a very good sign to me!

First Third:


In the first few minutes I notice the chocolate and coffee from the cold draw is absent, which is an early letdown. The smoke output is crazy low for the first few minutes but then turns into a fog machine, at which point the retro picks up a good amount of nose-burning spice. Not bad, but not my particular cup of tea. The taste, however, has now started to show some of that delicious chocolate, and I’m finding a sweet spice on the nose. By the end of the first third that chocolate taste is fairly consistent though a bit too subtle for me. Definitely not a problem, but not quite what I was hoping.



Second Third:

The second third keeps up the chocolate and maintains a good smoke but not amazing. The fog machine from earlier is slowing down, but it exchanged the smoke for a stronger sweet spice and chocolate taste. I received this in a bomb so I’m not sure what retail is on these, but once I’m done with this I’m going to look. If these are reasonable in cost I would probably pick up more of these at this point.


Ten minutes later I regret typing that. This thing has gone full-on uninspiring. I’m not tasting much at this point, just tobacco. It’s boring, and the strength is kicking up — neither of which am I a fan of. Closing down the second third I’m really hoping this switches back to the beginning of the second third.



Final Third:


Unfortunately nothing changed from the latter part of the second third. No flavor, no interesting smell, a little spice on the retro, but that’s it. The burn has gone down the tube, literally, by tunneling on me. Not even an even tunnel as part of the wrapper is trying to burn and the rest has given up, probably from boredom. Guess what? I’m doing the same. Ditched.




For the first two thirds the burn was good. I only saw minor waves and nothing terrible. In the last third it just fell apart though, with the cigar tunneling and parts of the wrapper burning while the rest wasn’t touched.



Final Thoughts:

This just wasn’t good for me. The second third was ok, and I wanted to get more like that from it. Unfortunately most of the first third wasn’t my cup of tea and the final third was just lacking anything remotely close to an enjoyable taste. I don’t have much experience with Rocky Patel cigars, but I’d like to as a friend of mine loves them. This just wasn’t the right pick. Reading reviews on this cigar afterwards I’m finding that I am not alone on my opinion of the Fusion and it looks like I have some further smoking to do on the brand. I picked up a couple RP lanceros last week so maybe those will get smoked soon.


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