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Cigar BrandGuayacan
Cigar NameGuayacan Robusto
FactoryGuayacan Cigars LLC
Country of OriginNicaragua
WrapperEcuadoran Habano
BinderNicaraguan Corojo ’98
FillerNicaraguan Corojo ’98
Vitola: Robusto
Ring Gauge50
Where purchasedSmoking Dog
Strength: Medium, in my opinion
Drink Pairingcoffee made with pour over w/ splash of sugar free french vanilla creamer
Link: http://guayacancigars.com/cigar-selection/

Presmoke thoughts:
I’ve had two of these in the last two weeks. The first was great, the second was good. I’m trying to figure out which of those two is the normal. Both were bought from the same B&M but the great had rested in my coolerador for a few weeks, while the good was smoked the day I bought it. This one has two days of rest on it and I bought it at the same time as the good one.

The cap is a little sloppy and there’s too much glue used on the band, with some showing on the wrapper itself.

Other than that, it’s a nice looking cigar and the band is what caught my eye in the store when I bought it the first time.

It feels pretty good too. No obvious hard or soft spots, but as a whole it is pretty consistently hard. I feel one ridge running the length of the cigar and think that might end up being a stem in the binder given how defined it is below the wrapper.

I smell leather pretty strongly. More so, the smell reminds me of cows at the State Fair back in Wisconsin. Just a general cow smell and, maybe strangely, for me that’s not a bad thing.

The cold draw gives me sweet raisin cereal. I immediately get the word “Kelloggs” in my head.

First Third:
As soon as I light this up it starts raining. Very lightly but I’m nervous.

The first half inch is a great nutty taste. Macadamia nuts, but unsalted. The retro has an extremely subtle spice to it. I can barely feel the spice.

The Guayacan Robusto, My Xikar cutter and Axia lighter, and a cup of great coffee.

The Guayacan Robusto, My Xikar cutter and Axia lighter, and a cup of great coffee.

The burn is slightly wavy starting very early. I’m about halfway through the first third, still haven’t knocked the first ash off, and the burn is continuing to get more and more crooked. I think at this rate we’re building a tobacco canoe.


The side where that defined ridge is appears to be the side that isn’t burning well. Bummer.

The ridge that's causing my burn issues.

The ridge that’s causing my burn issues.

Second Third:
The nuttiness is still present thankfully. Despite the burn problems this is a good tasting cigar, both in the mouth and the retro. The temperature outside has dropped drastically and I’ve now had to throw on a coat. Instead of the peace and quiet of the birds being interrupted by a vacuum like yesterday, I’m currently being exposed to the musical stylings of an ice cream truck. It’s cold bro, good luck with that.

The nuttiness has been joined by a mixture of wood, bread/dough, and cinnamon. No complaints. Given that I’m pairing this with sweet coffee I’m surprised I’m not seeing more of a sweet coffee influence. There is a slight leather taste periodically too. I’m feeling like I’m in the mall and just walked past Wilson’s, Cinnabon, and Restoration Hardware. This is really good, but not at its previous great level.


Final Third:
At the start of the last third we’re edging on that “great” territory again. Awesome nuttiness, slightly sweet, and retro has lost all spice notes and is instead a slightly sweet dough. I smoked this guy way quicker than I should have due to the constant threat of rain — which thankfully only made a brief appearance early on — and it hasn’t gone bitter even once from it.

The burn never got any better but never caused any huge problems, just requiring a couple touch ups to mitigate potential problems.  The last couple pulls had the strangest taste of mint. Weird but I’m OK with that.

The rain comes back and I’m letting this one go.

Obviously the burn wasn’t great on this. It was a little windy and I’m sure that contributed to some of the problems, but I don’t think that was the whole store. The first “great” Guayacan Robusto I had burned perfectly, so my hunch is these needed a bit more rest out of the B&M, and most likely the big culprit was that ridge running vertically down the side.

Final Thoughts:
This was easily another “good” Guayacan. Tasty, and I got a lot of hints towards the greatness I’ve experienced before. The consistency is a problem but I’m hoping I can lock in some consistency by letting them rest longer. If I can get that “great” profile out of these by letting them rest for a few weeks this will easily be a box purchase for me — especially since I’m fortunate to have one of the B&Ms that carry these near me. They appear to be not readily available and they don’t appear to be for sale online at all. If you can find one, buy it.

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