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Cigar BrandPDR
Cigar Name1878 Capa Oscura Reserva Dominicana
BlenderAbe Flores
Country of OriginDominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Habano Oscuro
BinderDominican Habano
FillerDominican Corojo 98 & Dominican Corojo
Vitola: Robusto
Ring Gauge52
CostN/A as I received it in a trade, but typically sells for ~$5
Where purchased: N/A
Strength: Medium-Full
Meal: N/A
Drink PairingN/A
LinkPDR’s Website


Presmoke thoughts:

These PDR 1878’s were some of the first cigars I really loved a couple years ago. I believe it was this red labeled PDR 1878 Capa Oscura that I really loved too. I haven’t had one since then though, so we’ll see how my palette has changed. I love the pigtail on these.

PDR 1878 Pigtail


The band is applied a little sloppy and the cap has a little notch where it sticks up at the base of the pigtail. Lots of veins. No soft spots that I can tell.


Trying to twist the pigtail off proves to be a terrible tactical move. Half the cap rips off with it. I use my Xikar double guillotine to cut it at an angle and cut off the damaged part. The draw goes from being semi loose to very loose after the cut. I love the unfinished foot on this guy.

PDR 1878 Unfinished foot


This smells like leather. I feel like I just walked past Wilson’s at any mall in America. A cold draw gives me dark berries.

First Third:

I’m getting a little spice on the retrohale after the first few puffs. The burn starts off wonky because I screw up lighting these unfinished foots everytime. My nose is a little stuffed today but I’m getting brief sweet notes in the smell of the smoke, but there’s absolutely nothing sweet from the taste. The scent is alternating between brownies and green apples and I’m really wishing the taste was remotely similar. Towards the end of the first third the burn is way lopsided, I knock off over an inch of ash, and I find some fun tunnel action going on. Another touch-up…


Second Third:

Starting the second third I’m getting a cherry note on the nose. Still a little spice on the retro, but not too strong.

The burn is getting increasingly worse. I’m feeling like I should touch it up every five minutes. This cigar has been in my humidor/coolerador for almost 5 months, all the while around 65-68% humidity. I’m wondering if this burn problem is the result of a construction glitch.


The taste is fairly empty at this point. I’m getting a good amount of enjoyment from the nose, but that’s it. There’s a faint earthy leather taste, but it’s weak and I’m not getting much of it or anything else in the taste.

I’m reading ‘The Art of Learning’ and it is far and away capturing my attention more than this cigar right now. In fact, the only time the taste has caught my attention was brief moments of bitterness. If they become more frequent I’ll be ending this smoke early…

Done. The bitterness came back in effect and the cigar went mostly out. I didn’t feel there was anything there worth saving so I let it go.


Final Third:

This may have just been a bad stick. The burn was all over, very lopsided, had some tunneling, and made no attempt at self-correcting.

Final Thoughts:
Bummed. I had smoked a few of the PDR 1878 Capa Oscura’s a year and a half ago and loved them. I never had any of these issues previously, so I’m hoping this was just a bad stick. It’s been in my coolerador since Christmas so it’s definitely not a humidity issue. I had a few moments that reminded me what I enjoyed in the past, but they were fleeting and replaced by bitterness. I’ll give it another shot in the future since I had great luck with these in the past, but this was a smoke I’d like to forget.

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